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Set-up : three cones in a line—cone one at the start line, cone two five yards ahead, and cone three ten yards ahead of cone two. To add difficulty, perform with a partner who acts as the receiver and forces you to conform to his route running. Also, you can have a third person put the ball in the air as both you and your partner near cone four.

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This will give you something to sprint and jump for. This drill assumes that the defensive back did his job and covered his receiver, but someone got loose and could run for a touchdown. Keep that from happening by improving your ability to change direction, react and accelerate.

To add difficulty, have a partner line up next to cone four. When you reach cone four, have partner take off running towards cone five and try to catch him. Looking to get recruited? Cover the Receiver. Stop the Run Drill. John Cissik - John has worked with athletes at all levels, produced four videos, written 10 books and published more than 70 articles on strength and speed training. He currently teaches special education and coaches baseball, basketball, and special needs sports. At the command, "Becovef," the playefs st0p and return to their startingposition.

While they are recovering, the coach gives the command, "G0," to the nextline 0f piayers and continues in like manner, until each line has done the dril l at leastfour times. Players in each line should back-pedal at least 20 yards before thecoach asks them to recover. The coach sh0uld require the players to back-pedal and twist their hips at amodefate speed t0 start the dril l.

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The players sh0uld run when recovering to the starting position in order toacce4tuate the warm-up benefits 0f Ihe drii l. Thedistance between lines should: i : : : - :3 '4yards T0 start the dr i l l ,0ne player assumes a defensive stance al one. Equipnent Need ed: A f oatball. Descripti1n: fhe coachhas all of the defensive backs forrn three lines, double-armsdistance apart, facing him.

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The coach hoids the f0otball out in front 0f him. Thedrill begins when the c0ach slaps the ball, which is a signal to the first player ineach line t0jump forward and take up a g00d defensjve stance.

When the coachslaps the ball twice, the three players start to run in place, lifting their legs as highas possible and pumping their arms vigor0usly. The coach then starts to move thefootball to his right and t0 his left-sl0wly at first, then increasing his speed as thedrill progresses. The players respond to the movement of the ball by shufflingIaterally, as they continue t0 pump their arms and legs.

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The coach sh0uld continuethe dril l for about 15 - 20 seconds, then slap the f00tball three times. The coachthen p0ints the ball in the direction he wants the players t0 break. The coach thenslaps the ball one tirne, which is a signalt0 the next three players in line tojump out. Coachina Points:. The coach should require the players t0 keep lifting their legs as high asp0ssible while continuing t0 pump their arms. As the players warm-up, the c0ach can incfease the speed at which he m0vesthe players latera ly, as well as the durati0n of the dril l.

Among:- xamples of some the high knee rope dril ls are the f0llowing: require the players:: r! The coach can use the high knee ropes frequently in practice, but he shouldchange the sequence of the dril l each time in order to add variety t0 the dril l. This approach willenhance the possibility 0f improving the players'levelofquickness and agility. These various dril ls can be used by the coach as a diagnostic tool t0 determinewhich players possess an appropriate level 0f agility and quickness t0 playdefensive back.

Description: fhe playets form a circle around one player, who is acting as the "bull"in the ring. The bull moves around the nsde of the circle, generating enthusiasmverbally and by feigning attacks. The bull attacks any player he desires or thecoach can control the bull 's selection of a "target" by pointing t0 a player Aftergood sharp pad-to-pad contact is made with 3,4 different players, the coachassigns a different player t0 be a "bull".


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This dfil lsho! The attacking bull should n0t be allowed t0 repeatedly attack or takeadvantage 0f an obviously weaker opponenl. The coach can help develop enthusiasm while warming up his players if herequires that this dril l be executed properly and zealously. Playrs should always have one foot 0n the yafd l ine, with their other f00t in frontof the l ine as thV shLrffle latera y. After they have shuffled about 10 yards, thec0ach c0mmands, "Left," wh ch signa s the p ayers t0 reverse the direction 0f theirsh!

The p ayers'f00t movements sh0u d sim! The c0ach sh0uld require the players t0 keep both feet m0ving while shuffl inglaterally as thy wo! As the players devel0p their skil ls in this dri l l , the coach should require thep ayers t0 speed-up their shuffl ing m0vements in order to f! Thec0achthenholdsafootbal labovehis When the coach slaps the ball, the players start t0 back?

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After the players':. After each change 0f direction, the coach sh0!

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  4. Afterabout30secondsofthisdr i l l , thecoachsh0uldthrowthe': rball toward the center of the three players. Allthree players should g0 for the:: At that point, the next three defensive back in line should get set to engage in: -? The coach should require the players to attain fullspeed while they are back-pedaling in 0rder t0 devel0p quickness in changing directi0ns at t0p speed. The coach should require the players t0 attain t0p speed as quickly as p0ssibleafter each change in direction to practice accelerating in all directions.

    Aiter the plavers run seven or eisht vards straisht 1!

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