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You know what makes her smile or laugh. You know the questions she asks. You know how to charm and flatter her. Do you know what he dreams of achieving? And what keeps her awake at 3am?

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Your writing will become more charming, more interesting, and more persuasive. The hard truth is that nobody is interested in you, your company, or your products, because people are only interested in themselves. Famous direct response copywriters like John Caples, Eugene Schwartz, and Joe Sugarman have all said it: To sell your products, you need to focus on the benefits to your readers. You need to know the right words to start a conversation, so that a girl gives you the opportunity to show her how much fun it is to be with you.

1. Treat your web visitors like wild animals

It entices your ideal reader to learn more about you. A value proposition usually consists of a headline , possibly a subheading, and three to five bullet points. Your headline can simply state what you do or mention the key benefit of working with you. Web visitors are in a hurry; they make lightning decisions as to whether a website is right for them or not.

Your headline should be clear, credible, and concise.

Your headline and bullet points encourage her to find out more about you. You might want a web visitor to buy directly from you, to set up a free initial consultation, or to sign up for your e-newsletter. But you need to persuade her to take action and address her objections to doing so. Make your copy comprehensive and persuasive by mentioning all benefits of working with you, and by addressing all objections your visitor may have. Writing web copy that works simply means persuading your ideal reader to take the next step in the selling process.

Make sure your prospect knows what next step to take. You need to make your copy more engaging, credible and persuasive. Consider the following steps when editing your copy :.

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Does he understand it? Does he like it? Does it persuade him to take action?

Website Copywriting: How to Write Copy for SEO

Usually when you write for your ideal reader, your web pages are SEO-friendly , too. Use the same words your ideal reader uses and you have a better chance of being found in Google.

Writing frequently about your area of expertise is good for your readers. Using the language of your customer is good for your readers. Developing a broad network of experts and web publishers in your topic, and referencing their ideas including with links in your content, is good for your readers.

Always write your copy for your ideal reader first, and optimize for search engines later. Answer his questions and make him smile. Hold an imaginary conversation together.

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  • Have some fun. Your copy will be more engaging and seductive. Henneke Duistermaat is an irreverent copywriter and business writing coach. She's on a mission to stamp out gobbledygook and to make boring business blogs sparkle. Get her free Part Snackable Writing Course for Busy People and learn how to enchant your readers and win more business. Changing the headline and introduction few times even after publishing has given some great advantages for some of my content marketing efforts.

    Great tips. Enjoyed the book — great stuff — well written. Actually fun to read. Wow i must say all the 6 tips were very good. Novelists and playwrights go to great lengths to get to know, not so much their readers, but the characters they plan to write about. Ibsen was famous for this, going as far as to take long train journeys with non-existent people in preparation for the play he was writing. It makes sense to spend some time with your ideal customer.

    You can do more than imagine the language your ideal customer uses. If he follows you on Facebook, you can ask him survey questions to find out the words he uses to describe your services.

    75 Resources for Writing Incredible Copy that Converts

    Oh yes, of course. There are also cheap web survey tools like Qualaroo and Leadconverter. Thanks for pointing out benefits versus features. Great post and comments!

    I think of the many blogs I read, many of them product or service-related. The ones that keep me regularly coming back are those that, yes, offer me a benefit, AND they talk about themselves. There are always exceptions of course. People like Penelope Trunk or Seth Godin are powerful personality brands — I do think people are interested in them, just like people are interested in what celebrities wear, say, and do. Think about it, and then think about it, again.

    Better website copy starts here

    Take your time. As a man I know that I already won before I start a conversation with a women. I can fully focus on letting her win, on what she wants. Reading your article writing copy makes as much sense to me as seducing women. In better words, how you touch their feelings. I really enjoyed this post. Each step is sopt on and I like how actionable each one is. Practice, practice, practice and read, read, read. You improve by immersing yourself in web copy, by reading spot on posts like these and then by practicing your writing skills.

    Practice make better, and better, and better. Be a web copy junkie; in time your writing and connecting skills will improve tremendously. As a reader, I am not attracted to all blogs and newsletters. There are only a few that grab my attention. Invariably, I end up subscribing to such blogs and newsletters: they should be informative and entertaining, to be sure. You will achieve success if you tap into the mindset of your readers. They are a quirky lot with strong likes and dislikes and with notoriously short attention spans. If you web copy and pictorials can hold my attention, you have me there.

    If not, you have just lost a potential customer. And, as a reader, I can tell you from my perspective that I have gained a lot from the link sharing that Copyblogger has dished out on a regular basis. And that has been a big plus in my life.