Guide Nature-Based Tourism in Mallorca’s Natural Areas: The Benefits of Tourism for Natural Areas

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According to TIES, Nature Tourism is growing at per cent a year in the international market and 'experiential tourism' - which encompasses ecotourism, nature, heritage, cultural and soft adventure tourism as well as sub-sectors such as rural and community tourism - is among the sectors expected to grow more quickly over the next two decades. So-called ecotours, eco-resorts and eco-lodges have sprung up in various parts of the world, but not all adhere to the ethics and ideals of ecotourism. It is not unusual for indigenous communities to be displaced from their land by eco developments.

In the name of conservation, for example, the Maasai and their cattle were expelled from some of their long inhabited lands in the Maasai Mara Reserve in Kenya where safari operators do not wish the wildlife to be disturbed by the tribes and their cattle. The situation took a turn for the worse during the drought in when the local tribes faced life-threatening conflicts. They were not allowed anywhere near the Reserve, where there was still pasture, for fear of upsetting tourists.

But without understanding that the land actually belongs to the Maasai and that the equilibrium between the wildlife, environment and the cows has to be maintained for the wildlife to survive, the community remains endangered.

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The statistics clearly show that poverty has increased over the years in Kenya and that the incidence of poverty in Kenya is comparatively greater around conservation areas where tourist activity is highest. But along with the bad news, there is much that is good.

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The tourism literature is full of community-based initiatives, many of whihc ae genuine sucess stories. Ecotourism schemes there include training for local guides, courses in cooking and in administration. The Lodge also holds classes in the local elementary school on tree planting and separating and recycling waste www.

Nature-based Tourism Strategy

In Thailand, an NGO, CBT-I previously known as REST has assisted over 20 communities to develop appropriate training programmes to improve or preserve their way of life, based on the principles of healthy environments, societies, cultures and economies. Guests get an opportunity to stay with Thai communities, cooking and eating local food, trying their hand at fishing, farming and even arts and crafts like dying fabrics and weaving.

With a plethora of cheap flights, distances seem shorter, and the temptation to explore off the beaten track is ever greater. But in this age of global warming is it wrong to burn up the air miles, even to the best ecotourist destinations? But a sudden stop to stop flying would destroy the livelihoods of many people who depend on tourism for a living.

Ecotourism - hope and reality

After the Bali bombings there was a big drop in tourist arrivals, and in the earnings for the local people. Kenya and Sri Lanka have also suffered from the result of internal unrest.

However, there is plenty of evidence that if air travel continues to grow at anything like the present rate, it will become a major contributor to global warming by Fair Trade in Tourism, as with in other consumer products, could be one solution to the injustice embedded in much of today's tourism. Such fair trade is about 'ensuring that the people, whose land, natural resources, labour, knowledge and culture are used for tourism activities, actually benefit from tourism', says the local organization Fair Trade in Tourism South Africa www. It encourages and publicises fair and responsible business practice by South African tourism companies through the FTTSA Trademark, an independent symbol of fairness in the tourism industry which was officially launched in South Africa in June Tour operators, suppliers and other tourism organisations with little understanding of its founding principles, are increasingly using the term 'fair trade'.

There is currently no internationally accepted label for fair trade tourism, nor are there any internationally recognized standards on any form of sustainable tourism. With no clear business advantage to being certified there has been no incentive for tourism service providers to go through the costly process of certification until now.

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With the dramatic growth in the fair trade markets, recognition of the fair trade brand and general awareness of trade justice issues among consumers, the situation is changing and there is international interest in developing fair trade tourism. There are ways and means to make tourism more positive for people in local communities and help preserve their culture and environment. Its coast, mountains and marshes make this municipality a place full of surprises. Alcudia, in the North of Mallorca offers a great number of activities and leisure options for all members of the family, both adults and children.

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With its landscape, its beaches and its splendid town, Alcudia has always something new in store: open-air activities, sports, culture, adventure excursions and water sports. Here you will never get bored! The local cuisine of Alcudia on Mallorca is very diverse with a mainly Mediterranean influence. There are more than five hundred Balearic dishes, among which you shall find delicious soups, made with local vegetables, fish or meat.

Nowadays, Alcudia is one of the most valued municipalities on Mallorca. It boasts a privileged location with more than 30 km of coastline, where you will find wonderful beaches with white sand, clear water, breathtaking cliffs and secret coves of great beauty. Skip to main content. Select hotel.

Nature-Based Tourism in Mallorca’s Natural Areas

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Puerto de Alcudia. You are here Home Puerto de Alcudia. Puerto de Alcudia Due to its special characteristics, Alcudia is one of the most attractive destinations on the Balearic Islands.

Ecotourism Landscapes: An Editorial

Beach in Alcudia. Natural landscapes. History of Alcudia.