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Such contentious waters then become asylums or 'turfs' for pirates.

The Resurgence of Sea Piracy in Southeast Asia

Piracy in Southeast Asia , as a whole volume, is the first publication that investigates oceanic offenses in Southeast Asia. This book deserves to get a five-star rating not because of its significance but for its originality" Asian Criminology " Piracy in Southeast Asia seeks to provide a strong analysis of piracy in a Southeast Asian context by focusing on the characteristics and suppression of piracy.

In the Southeast Asian context where the incidence and violence of piracy have been growing and where maritime terrorism is a threat with potentially horrific consequences, there is an urgent need to come up with innovative ways to counter maritime violence.

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Beyond providing a solid foundation for the analysis of maritime piracy in Southeast Asia, the book also gives considerable attention to the challenges of regional cooperation. It is indeed regional cooperation that can make a major impact on piracy if more effective collaboration can be negotiated. Cameroon to supply armed guards on board vessels during their stay at Douala anchorage.

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Search Search for:. Making maritime dispute resolution more efficient: what the Singapore Convention may mean for the shipping community Eleni Antoniadou.

South China Sea Dispute Undermines Maritime Security in Southeast Asia - The Asia Foundation

Safety challenges for the human factor in the maritime industry Panagiota Chrysanthi. Sulphur options and alternatives: Implementation and new challenges Khorshed Alam. Cyber Security challenges for the maritime industry Chronis Kapalidis.

Quality and proper maintenance vital for safety equipment onboard Baba Devani. How speed reduction can contribute to emissions reduction: Defining terms and measures on the table Harilaos Psaraftis. The vulnerability of a ship underway depends on factors such as ship size, speed, freeboard and size of crew, with small ships generally being more vulnerable than larger vessels.

The true story of piracy in Asia

The vulnerability of a ship at anchor, stopped, or in port does not depend on its size and type. Any ship at all may be attacked while stopped if the appropriate precautions are not taken and vigilance exercised. In recent years, some small coastal tankers have been hijacked in Southeast Asia for several days while some or all of their cargo, usually marine gas oil, is siphoned off into another vessel.

The number of these attacks increased significantly in but fell away in with no incidents of this nature since September These attacks constituted transnational crime requiring close cooperation onshore between regional police forces to deal with them. With increased cooperation, these attacks should continue falling away.

Associate Professor Beckman, Robert Charles

Most were cases of petty theft. No incidents of this nature have occurred since November A high level of cooperation now exists in the Malacca and Singapore straits to counter piracy and armed robbery against ships. Relevant activities include air surveillance flights and coordinated sea patrols of the Malacca Strait by Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. While piracy and sea robbery remain problems in parts of Asia, the threat should be kept in perspective.

Most ships transiting regional waters are not at risk unless they slow down or anchor in areas where attacks occur.

Sea Pirates Attacking in Southeast Asia